2018-06-03 Please be sure to update a wallet to more than Ver3.0.0 to overcome the hard fork problem.

About Hard fork

Hard fork of SanDeGo has occurred in a process updating wallet to Ver3.0.0.

Details of Hard fork

POS interest rate had been changed over 63600 blocks with the specification change the other day. Therefore if you use a wallet less than Ver3.0.0, your wallet must be on incorrect chain. At the case, please downlord and update a wallet to latest version(3.0.1) below now!

  • Download the latest wallet from GitHub

When you downlord and unzip it,please read 'readme-eng.txt'. It tells you how to set up it.

If you have some trouble about synchronization of wallet,please visit our discord and ask us.

However if you use wallet of ver3.0.0 and your wallet is on the correct chain,you don't have to update a wallet to ver3.0.1.

How to check whether your wallet is on correct chain or not.

Please compare the block number of your wallet with BlockExplorer.

blocks check

When both of them is same,it's OK.

Thanks for your reading.

Attach file: filecorrectblocks.jpg 41 download [Information]

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