03/Jul/2018 Release of a new wallt

Quoting from SanDeGo discord below;

[About new wallet] We have made a new wallet and confirmed that the wallet works well such that it is able to sync and generate blocks well. So we have released a new wallet and the version is 4.0.0.

[How to introduce new wallet] ①In case that your wallet has been stopped at 96194 blocks All you have to do is that to download and unzip new wallet(4.0.0) and replace old wallet(qt.exe) with a new wallet(qt.exe) and start new wallet. (You don't need to sync again from the beginning and use conf.)

②Cases other than above ① If your wallet is out of the main chain, you need to sync again from the beginning by removing data except for 'wallet.dat' in the folder(AppData/SanDeGo) which you can reach by firstly pushing windows-key+R and secondly selecting the file(%AppData%) and then executing. (Caution:'wallet.dat' is the most important. If you lose it, you will lose all your coins and cannot restore it.) 1) Advance preparation is as above. 2) Please download and unzip new wallet(4.0.0) and replace old wallet(qt.exe) by new wallet(qt.exe). (Caution: Since this ver4.0.0 wallet refuses connections from another version wallets, you must need to use ver4.0.0 wallet.) 3) If you use a bootstrap, we think you can sync shorter. 4) Please start new wallet.

[Finally] As we SanDeGo team are lack of ability.we are terribly sorry to cause you inconvenience. In the future, we are going to review our operation and development system so that such things don't happen again.

[About distribution of the AirDrop] We will postpone Airdrop distribution until we confirm that replacement of the new wallet completes. So please wait for a while!

You can download the wallet below.

GitHub SanDeGo Release

03/Jul/2018 Test of a new wallet

Now 3rd/July, a repaired wallet is being tested by our team and several testers of our community. If it works well, we are going to release it tonight.

29/Jun/2018 Critical trouble of SanDeGo

A serious trouble has occurred. It is that our block chain (main chain) stopped at night of 29th/Jun.
And also we don't have idea to solve it yet. We are terribly sorry to cause you inconvenience.
Please stop your wallet because of being unable to generate new blocks.
If your wallet is active, it continue to waste your cpu and network resource.
Now we consider a way to solve this matter.
Great thanks for your understanding.

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