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FAQs of SanDeGo are collected in this page.
Please check below according to your needs.

FAQ about a wallet

Q. Even if there is no coin in my PC wallet,Do i need to make the wallet operate?

A. You need not to make the wallet operate because you can't get POS income.

Q. Even if the PC breaks down,can i recover the wallet by backed up 'wallet.dat' in other storage?

A. That's right.however,please back up 'wallet.dat' again if you encrypt the wallet.

Q. What is 'Generated but not accepted Mined' indicated on Transactions tab of the wallet?

A. Your wallet and others tried to approve same blocks at a same time but others approved them.It sometimes occured and generally it is not bug and error.

Q. The wallet running without problems have not been able to synchronize suddenly.

A. 1) If network mark dosen't appear,please check your Internet.
2) Even if network mark appears,in the case you can't synchronize,please restart your wallet and wait a while.
3) If remaining blocks increase,please remove files except for 'wallet.dat' and 'sandego.conf' in the directory that C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\SanDeGo. Then, restart your wallet again.'wallet.dat' is the most important data.So be sure to backup it before removing files.You lose all your coins,if you delete 'wallet.dat'.

Q. How can i check whether my wallet is on correct chain or not.

A. Please refer to this article.

FAQ about POS

Q. What is POS?

A. POS(Proof of stake) is one of approval ways of the BlockCain.The proving is done by staking coins kept in a wallet.You can get coins when the wallet succeed in proving.

Q. How can i do POS?

A. When you have coins in your wallet,POS progresses basically.However,when you don't unlock the wallet after encrypting the wallet,POS doesn't progress.please unlock it.

Q. Where can i confirm state of POS progress?

A. Please put the mouse pointer on pickaxe mark at the lower right.

Q. Why is a mass of coins divided after staking(getting POS income)?

A. It is a specification which many POS crypto currencies adopt.In a case of holding 'weight' over 1 day,it isn't divided but within 1 day it is divided.

Q. Is it profitable to put the divided coin groups into one?

A. It may be right. Interval to get POS income will become short.

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