Basic explanation about SanDeGo wallet using a wallet ver3.0.1 for Windows

Menu bar

Menu bar

Explanation about Menu bar regarded as important is below.


File->Backup Wallet...

[Backup Wallet...] is important in File menu.

  • The save dialog appears by clicking it,please back up 'wallet.dat' giving a simple name. It is safe in case anything happens with backup of 'wallet.dat'. Also you can back up it directly using Explorer. More information:please click here.


Settings->Encrypt Wallet...

1) [Encryt Wallet...] is important in Settings menu.

  • More information:please click here.
    Please back up your wallet when you encrypt your wallet.

2) Let's click Options.

  • A dialog apperars like below if you click Options

Options dialog

If you'd like to put coins divided by POS into one,let's click [Disiplay] tab -> check [Display coin control features(experts only!)] -> click [Apply] -> click[OK] and close the dialog.


Help->About SanDeGo

You can check version information of the wallet clicking [About SanDeGo] in Help menu.

Version Information

Please check whether your wallet is a latest version or not.


Let's understand Overview screen step by step.


1) Wallet

Wallet of the overview

This part shows informations as follow;

  • Spendable :Coins subtracted Stake and Unconfirmed from Total which you have
  • Stake    :Under staking coins
  • Unconfirmed:Unfirmed receiving coins
  • Total    :Amount above

2) Recent transactions

Recent transactions of the overview

This part shows informations as follow;

  • Details of [→] mark   :Time and Amount of sending SanDeGo
  • Details of [pickax] mark :Time and Amount of stake
  • Details of [←] mark   :Time and Amount of receiving SanDeGo
    It shows max three transactions.

3) Icons

Icons of the overview
  • [pickax] icon:you can confirm whether your wallet is under stake or not.When the icon is red,it is under stake.When the icon is gray,it is not under stake.
  • [antena] icon:you can confirm whether your wallet is connected with nodes of network or not.
  • [check mark] icon:you can confirm whether your wallet is synchronized or not.
Overview Icons
  • When you put the cursor on pickax which is red,you can confirm weights and others.
    Although the wallet is not encrypted at the image above,an image encrypted is below.
Overview Icons
  • When the wallet is encrypted,it is locked and is not staked.In order to stake,you need to unlock your wallet.(Refer to Unlock of the wallet)

Send coins

  • When you send coins,be sure to confirm that address and amount is correct.

1) The case not setting coin control

sendcoins 1
  • Please put address to send into [Pay To] and put amount to send into [Amount]. Then click [Send],and you can send coins after a confirmation dialog appears.

2) The case setting coin control

sendcoins 2
  • Click [Inputs],and Coin Control dialog appears.
Coin Control1
  • In a case of [tree mode],it shows devided number every address.
Coin Control2
  • You can see the information of coin after clicking [Check box]. Click [OK],and the window closes.
Send Coins
  • If you want to put the divided coin groups into one,please check [custom change address] and put SanDeGo address into [custom change address] and [Pay To]. Then,put coins displayed at [After Fee] into [Amount] and click [Send].

  • If you want to send coins to other address,put coins to send into [Pay To] and click [Send].
    But in this case,it may be safe to use this way.

Receive coins

Receive coins
  • String Display under [address] is your receiving can receive coins by using this address from Faucet or Sensu or Exchange.
  • When you click [New Address] at lower reft,New address is added,you can use new address or existing address depending on the situation.


  • Although you can see only max 3 transactions on Overview,here you can see all transactions.

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