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Welcome to SanDeGo wiki !

This is SanDeGo wiki.We are aiming to make this site be easy to understand for everyone including beginners.

SanDeGo is a coin increasing by itself only with SanDeGo being in a wallet.It may be fun for you. Please begin SanDeGo experience on this occasion,if not yet.

Oops, I(SanDeGo) forgot to introduce myself! Although beginners tend to regard SanDeGo as SanDieGo in America, it's a mistake. Please confirm [What is SanDeGo?] about secret of the name:SanDeGo.Do you understand it? If so,let's start SanDeGo reading the wiki below!

How to start SanDeGo

SanDeGo Official Character

In order to start SanDeGo,it is very important to understand a wallet for the sake of management of the coin.

We tried explanation about a wallet below. Let's read step by step!

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